Full-Services Automation Solutions

Greater Efficiency and a Lower Cost of Ownership

From system audits to drafting, programming and integration, we manage the entire process from start to finish. Choosing a full-service solution over piecemeal services makes the process easier to manage for your team and leads to greater consistency, quality and
a lower cost of ownership.

Going Beyond Business as Usual

We've built our reputation on our unrivalled industry specific
experience and attention to detail. Since 1979, we've helped
enterprises operate leaner, smarter and safer than ever.


Finding Ways to Do Business Better

We start by mapping out your existing system, setting performance goals and finding automation opportunities to help you become even more competitive. From CAD drawings to control narratives and electrical plans, our engineers can help your system run smoother and smarter.

The Benefits of Industry Specific Knowledge

From food, grain and malting to mining, steel, water and waste management, we have the knowledge and experience you need to take your operation to the next level.


Our Standards and Experience Set Us Apart

We are authorized system integrators for all main hardware and software systems and all major manufacturers. We offer Scada and HMI as well as PLC, PAC and a wide range of other programming services. To ensure your system operates as expected, we put the system through a full complement of tests before going live in the field.

Over 20 Years of Programming Data

With over 20 years of catalogued programming standards in our library, we can respond quickly and confidently to your needs. From older proprietary systems to today's newest standards, our programming team is knowledgeable, flexible and ready to adapt.


Professional On-Site Instrumentation Services

Having the same team manage the instrumentation process that created the design ensures consistency and accuracy from start to finish. We can help you select the best instrumentation for your application and manage the installation at the job site.

Optimization and Ongoing Support

Our role doesn't end once your instrumentation is installed - we'll also optimize your equipment to reduce costs and downtime. And, should anything go wrong, we offer 24/7 support to get you back up and running.


Bringing Islands Together

Our integration services bring the whole automation system together, enabling different platforms to work together and communicate. From basic testing to full system simulations and commissioning, we ensure all systems operate as expected. The end result is a fully integrated plant that is more efficient and provides the lowest total cost of ownership.

Empowering Smarter Operational Decisions

We collect real-time information across multiple processes and plants and consolidate this data into usable information to drive tactical and strategic decision-making. Celco provides the platform to enable you to sustain production, improve efficiency, maintain quality standards and meet regulatory requirements.


Here For The Life of the Plant

We offer 24/7 customer service support at 1-866-992-3526. We're here for the long haul, and our engineers can assist with professional instrumentation servicing and calibration, ongoing software backups, configuration management and documentation services.

Sleep Easy with Remote Monitoring and Backups

We store updated copies of programs off-site to maintain proper configuration. For remote facilities, we offer annual maintenance agreements, off-site monitoring, scheduled reporting and can even make configuration changes remotely.

Control Panel Manufacturing

Leaders in Control Panel Innovation Since 1979

To meet your automation goals, we believe that control systems need to be designed with knowledge, experience and integrity. With extensive expertise gained from over 35 years in the field, we manufacture industry leading industrial grade control panels for projects around the globe on multiple PLC platforms. 

Meeting Our Strict Quality Standards

From our robust design processes to our supply chain partners to our controlled manufacturing process, Celco is focused on providing highly reliable products and services to our clients that meet our strict quality standards. Each of our products goes through our stringent quality control process with final system tests done by our dedicated Factory Acceptance Test team. Our industrial control products are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed CSA and UL requirements.